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ESD Acrylic Plate

Static Dissipative Acrylic Plates are made of clear plastic sheet coated on both sides providing semi-permanent surface resistivity of 10e6-8 ohms/square, which will help to eliminate static electricity effectively. Acrylic plates are ideal for the speedy decay of static charge without the creation of harmful arcing to the surface of vulnerable components. Acrylic plates satisfy electrical and optical requirements providing superior abrasion, non scratch-able surface and chemical resistance.

Using Industries

Semiconductor and Electronics / TFT-LCD / Mobile device
Pharmaceutical and Bio medical
Auto Mobil
Food and Beverage


Wall panel, door, window for cleanroom
Transparent room partitions
Portable cleanroom panels, ceiling
Enclosure and cover for equipment, conveyor system
Viewing window and door for equipment
Barrier system panels
Separator panels
Desiccator cabinets
Transport boxes

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Available colors:

Clear transparent, white haze.

Available colors upon request:

Yellow, smoke, brown, etc.