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Humidity Indicator Card

HIC allows fast visual inspection of the Relative Humidity(RH) in sealed packaging and containers. As the humidity increases, the chemically impregnated spots will change traditionally from blue through lavender to pink(Cobalt-HIC), blue to pink(CDF-HIC), brown to green(CB-HIC), yellow to green(CF-HIC) and green to violet(MF1-HIC). Our HICs have 3 to 6spots, but we also have a one spot type. It contains 3 spots, but only one spot is chemically impregnated and other two spots are just printed with reference colors for “OK” and “NG”(not good) so that user can easily check if it is failed or passed according to acceptable preset limit(ex. Semiconductor -10% RH, PCB/LED – 30% RH, etc.) in each industry.

nMost recently, we have developed a twin type, which is another innovative and unique concept, to absorb price-oriented customers.
nAs you can cut each HIC into two by simply folding the card a couple of times and tearing it along pre-cut dot lines.

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