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Sticky Mats

Sticky mats collect dust and other particulates from spreading due to foot traffic. As foot traffic pass over the surface of the mat the non-transferring adhesive locks onto the dirt and captures it.

Captures 99.80% of dust and particulates from foot traffic.
Collected dust and particles do not spread out.
Comfortable to walk on and smooth passing of hand carts.
Mats can be used with or without frame.
Antimicrobial sticky mats are available for pharmaceutical, biological, medical areas.  Two types of ESD Sticky Mats are also available for static sensitive areas.

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Down load MSDS for Sticky Mat

Part Number Color Dimentions
M01-C-146-B Blue 600mm x 900mm x 30 sheets
M01-C-146-W White 600mm x 900mm x 30 sheets
M04-C-001 Frame 600mm X 900mm