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ESD Curtain Film

PVC Curtain Film is a flexible, transparent film with ESD control properties, which is made of durable PVC (PolyVinyl Chloride). This soft PVC film is easily jointed by high frequency welding for very various applications. Its ESD control properties, that generate much less friction electrostatic charge, last long until worn-out. PVC Curtain Film is widely used as flexible partitions, softwalls, door curtains, covers for equipment, portable windows in many industries, like Cleanrooms, laboratories, inspection, assembly, electronics, printing, painting, precision tooling, pharmaceutical, medical, food processing and so on.

Part numbers: 
• M05-Y-009 ESD Grid Curtain Film
• M06-Y-006 ESD Clear Curtain Film
• M09-Y-003 ESD Grid Opaque Curtain Film
• M11-Y-001 ESD Clear Adhesive Curtain Film


• Extremely low electrostatic generation
• Dust and particles are not accumulated
• Clear transparent for good visuality
• Durable and long lasting
• Flexible and soft for efficient production
• Conductive print are not removed easily
• Individual carton packing in roll

• Door strip, softwall, partition, curtain in Cleanroom
• Portable window and partition
• Precision equipment and machine cover
• Shielding and blocking partition
• Reduction of noise
• Protection from insects
• Screen door or window
• Reinforcement of existing window or partition
• Reduction of harmful ultra violet ray
• Other applications to control electrostatic problem